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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

1. Membership

a) As a club H2o member, you now have the right to continue to participate in club benefits until your membership is terminated under these Terms and Conditions. Our direct debit memberships are ongoing until we receive written notice of cancellation from you the member. These memberships are paid for by regular nominated direct debit deductions which are initially authorised by you.

b) You are responsible for paying any extra fees and charges as a result of any payments being stopped or missed through insufficient funds being available to meet the direct debit deductions.

2. Terminating your membership

a) You may do this by giving at least 30 days notice in writing and returning all H2o property by the end of that notice period. We will confi rm that we have received your letter of notice within 10 working days. If you do not receive confirmation within 10 working days, you must immediately let us know. It is your responsibility to ensure that we have received your notice. Until these requirements are met, payments will be continued to be deducted from your account. There are no cancellation fees, however Direct Debit payments will continue to be deducted during the 30 days notice period.

b) If you return equipment personally to one of our offices, you must get a receipt from us. If you return equipment by post, we will confirm that we have received the equipment within 10 working days of receiving that equipment. If you do not receive the confirmation within the 10 days, you must immediately let us know. It is your responsibility to make sure we have received our equipment. We recommend you use recorded delivery or keep your receipt to prove you have returned equipment and sent the notice to us.

c) After minimum membership term you may terminate your payments by giving 30 days written notice as per Clause 2a, however you are not required to return any equipment provided you do not have any monies outstanding accumulated during the term of your membership.

d) If you terminate your membership at any time, you are no longer entitled to receive Club H2o benefits, including access to filters.

e) Memberships are fully transferable, however it is the existing member’s responsibility to notify Club H2o of the new contact details of the new member. Club H2o will then contact the new member to obtain payment details. Should payment details fail, Club H2o will contact the original member as they will be liable to fulfil all requirements as per normal termination of membership. Payments will not be transferred to the new member until the details have been confirmed.

3. If your payments fail

a) If your bank returns a failed payment on your account, our billing company will write to you about this failure and the reason for this. Our billing company will charge you a dishonour fee for all missed payments. The billing company will try to take the payment from your account again on the next due billing date. If we continue to be unable to collect payments, we will, at our choice, continue to apply for payment by direct debit for up to three months.

b) If your account remains unpaid we may refer any missed payments and associated dishonour fees to a collection agency.

c) You will, be liable to pay (at the discretion of Club H2o) all costs of recovery of any sort, including equipment, incurred by H2o or a third party, in the event that the cost detailed in this agreement remain outstanding in part or full. You will also be liable for charges for the recovery costs that may be added to this agreement at the discretion of Club H2o whether state in these terms of trade or otherwise for any monies outstanding in part or in full. You will be liable to pay interest on any sum that remains outstanding at a rate of not more than 12% per annum or at a lesser rate as determined at the discretion of Club H2o for the duration of which the sum or any part thereof remain outstanding.

d) If you do not pay your membership fees, we may prevent you receiving club entitlements such as access to water fi lters and other benefi ts until such payment is received. This does not mean we will end your membership.

e) Cancelling your direct debit authority to your bank does not mean you have given us notice to end your membership. You must give us written notice and return all equipment as set out in clause 2 of these terms and conditions.

4. Other Charges

a) Other charges incurred may include but not be limited to direct debit fees imposed by your bank or direct debiting institutions, and postage and handling charges for items such as filters.

b) Your membership application fee also covers postage and handling of the initial product.

c) If you become a member and your membership application fee is wavered you are still required to pay postage and handling for all items, including but not limited to your product and subsequent filters.

5. Grievance

a) We take member satisfaction very seriously and are realistic enough to know that things do not always go according to plan all the time. If you have a complaint, we want to know about it as soon as possible so that we may investigate the matter and come to a reasonable solution.

6. Liability

a) We cannot accept any liability for any accident or injury to any member or other persons using the equipment, or any damage caused that may be the result of the use of our equipment (whether such use is proper or improper). You should always ensure that you have adequate and appropriate insurance cover at your home or office to deal with any such problems.

b) It is the member’s responsibility to maintain proper cleaning and hygiene procedures for the duration of use of our product and equipment. These procedures are outlined in the information brochure which will be sent to you with your product.

7. Receiving Payment

a) Your membership entitles you to receive up to four (4) filters per annum in quarterly year allotments. It is your responsibility to contact Club H2o and place your order should you require a replacement filter. Should you miss ordering a filter during a quarter, you will only be entitled to receive one filter for your next order. You cannot receive multiple filters on backlog.

b) The ceramic dome does not comprise part of the filter and such will not be sent as a replacement as part of your membership benefits. If you require a replacement ceramic dome, you may order these at a discounted cost in addition to your ongoing membership fees.

c) Breakages will be considered by us on a case by case basis. If it is deemed that our equipment was damaged as a result of negligence or improper use, the member will be liable for the cost of replacement. If it is deemed to be wear and tear thought to be reasonable for the period of use, we may replace the product at no cost, other than postage and handling.

8. Membership Offers

a) Club H20 may offer discounts, deals and other offers throughout the duration of your membership. These are at the discretion of Club H2O and may incur fees such as, but not limited to, administration postage and handling. The member does not have to accept or participate in these offers.

b) All members should regularly consult our website for details of upgraded membership benefits or other information of relevance to club H2O members.