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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do I soak my new filter for?

A: The instructions do say to soak your filter for 24 hours. But we recommend soaking the filter for

at least 2 hours. So basically, fill your sink half full just with room temperature water and after the 2

hours empty the water and stand the filter up and just run tap water through to get the excess out.

Q: How often do I need to change my filter?

A: We recommend you change your filter every 3-4 months and they are $90.80 outright. However,

if you are on our club membership for $6.95 per week, we will automatically send you a new filter

every 4 months.

Q: What happens if my cooler breaks?

A: If your cooler breaks you can either buy the bottom half outright for $628. OR if you are a club

member your warranty covers that, so we can send a replacement one out to you.

Q: Is it normal for the green and red light both to be on my cooler? // There’s no switch.

A: Yes, the red and green light on your cooler is normal for them both to be on. And there is no

switch on the cooler, all you have to do is plug it into the wall.

Q: Why change the filters every 4 months?

A: Basically, as soon as the water hits the filter, it activates the carbine and performs at 100%

filtration for the next 4 months. After the 4 months the percentage of filtration slowly goes down

and at 12 months the filter is at 0%. So, if you did change the filters say every 6 months that is fine,

but the filter will not be performing at its best.

Q: What happens after the 18 month payment plan? // Do I own it after the 18 months.

A: After the 18 months you have three options.

1- You can continue what you’re on, which gives you warranty of your machine,

filters every 4 months and 25% off accessories.

2- Most popular; Drop back to $6.95 per week, you do lose your warranty but keep

in mind our coolers are known to last up to 10 years! You do have access to the

25% off accessories and you still get the auto send of filters every 4 months.

3- You can cancel payments all together and take complete ownership of your

cooler, but you do lose your 25% off, the auto send filters and your warranty.