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Healthy H20 has introduced Club H20 to our new and existing customers alike.

This is the most AFFORDABLE way to obtain all of your water filtration needs in either weekly or fortnightly payments starting from just $5.95 pw.

  1. Filter Plan $5.95pw
  2. Water Pot Plan $7.95pw
  3. Bench Top Water Cooler Plan $14.00 pw
  4. Free Standing Water Cooler Plan $15.00 pw

Club H20 members are entitled to contact our company every 3 months to request a new filter. We will send this filter out to you at absolutely no extra cost. No hidden catches!

Club H20 ensures customers are replacing their filters as frequently as is recommended with small, regular, easy to manage payments.

There is no point having a filtration system if your filter is not doing its job properly because it has reached its maximum usage!

You can opt to pay on a weekly or fortnightly basis, whatever suits your budgeting. What a

small price to pay for you and your family to have UNLIMITED clean fresh water in your own home. No more buying expensive and hard to handle large containers of water.

As an added bonus, when you join Club H20, you will receive any replacement parts at 25% off the RRP.

Please see the HOME page or PRODUCTS page for further information on each product.

If you would like to know more about joining Club H20 then fill out the form below:

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